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The Challenge

As part of a 20-year housing refurbishment programme for Wolverhampton Homes, we were required to complete the electrical and mechanical infrastructure works of over 2,500 properties, involving the installation of new mains distribution and upgrading of district heating across all stipulated properties. This phase of the project started in 2014 and is due for completion in February 2022.

As well as the sheer volume of works, significant consideration had to be given to all existing tenants and surrounding residencies.

The specific challenges across the life of the entire project include:

-Sequencing of works with the main contractor and other parties, and delivery of works within agreed budgets and timescales

-Maintaining vital tenant utility services throughout completion of the works including Virgin media, electrical and heating supplies, security and automatic door entry, CCTV, and communal services

-Undertaking the works whilst causing minimal disruption to residents, visitors, employees and security personnel

-Adhering to the most stringent health and safety practices, in specific regards to asbestos management

-Operational and delivery of materials with low-rise restrictions

The Solution

Internal replacement and upgrading of electrical and mechanical services in occupied dwellings, including the comprehensive replacement of electrical infrastructure for landlords and homeowners as highlighted above.

In addition, we are working in close collaboration with main contractors whose works include aesthetically-pleasing upgrades including the complete replacement of apartment frontages.

We have a team of 15 skilled electrical and mechanical engineers on-site to deliver the services in-line with the health and safety, and timeframe and budget requirements specified by the client. With the challenges associated with a project of this size and scope, we implemented best practice health and safety and operational procedures to minimise any possible risk. This includes:

-Managing our workflow against that of the main contractor by working closely with design and construction teams

-Enforcing a team of highly-skilled individuals with in-depth experience and technical knowledge, including dedicated site teams and supervisors

-Employing a local team with on-the-ground knowledge of wider environmental considerations including traffic and accessibility

-Sequencing works in line with the construction programme and timescales

“On behalf of United Living Wolverhampton, may I take this opportunity to thank you and your teams for all of your good work and support throughout.”

Tony Tyson Phillips

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