Automated Home Systems

Home automation systems use a variety of different technologies integrated together effectively in a single hub, saving time and effort. Our team can automate domestic properties so that owners can remotely turn on the lights, the heating (and adjust the temperature), as well as close curtains, play music in any room, and put it into full holiday mode, which replicates your usual routines.



With such a comprehensive choice of home automation systems available on the market though, from budget plugins to professionally-designed and bespoke installations that require a customer installer or integrator (CI), finding the best solution for your needs can be a challenge.


Detailed Service List

Some of the services we offer:

Our team has the experience, expertise and know-how to professionally design and install the solution to your home automation system needs, and take away the hassle from you. From:

  • Remote Control of Lights, Curtains and Heating (Including Temperature Adjustments)
  • Holiday Mode Automations
  • Other Audio and Visual
  • Electric Doors and Gates


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Sectors covered with this service:

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Repair & Maintenance

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