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A communications network is successful because of well-structured and impeccably-designed data cabling systems. So whether you need a central hub, or communications network across the length and breadth of the UK, our qualified and experienced Electrical Engineers can design, install, maintain and even repair your communications infrastructure.



And with technology playing a pivotal role in any business, of any size and shape, it’s hugely important to have scalable, high-performing cabling to maintain efficient data downloads and uploads. If you need an existing communications network infrastructure upgraded or made scalable to support your business’s future growth, or need a system designed and installed for the first time, we can absolutely help.

Detailed Service List

Some of the services we offer:

Our range of complete data cabling and infrastructure solutions include:

  • Voice and data network cabling
  • Containment cabling
  • IP network design and installation, and subsequent health checks
  • Audio and visual
  • Computer rooms and data centres
  • Wireless and LAN networking
  • Electrical wiring
  • Switching and routing / re-routing
  • Cabinets and racking


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